The UCPB GEN Board of Directors has elected Mr. Andres Y. Narvasa, Jr. to assume the functions, responsibilities and authorities of the President of UCPB GEN, effective May 1, 2019 after the retirement of Mr. Isabelo P. Africa.

Mr. Narvasa, often called by his nickname “Chito”, brings a decade’s worth of experience to the company and has a proven record of working in the banking, finance and sports industries. Chito wears many hats and hails from Cocolife and UCPB as an esteemed member of the Board of Directors for both corporations.

Chito is a leader at heart having founded his own company, AYN Resource Management Group in 2000 which provides advisory service to both public organizations and private companies. In the public sector, AYN provides invaluable consultation for development and investment projects of provinces, cities, and municipalities all around the Philippines. They are also experienced in rehabilitation, refinancing, legal representation, and advocating digital solutions for private entities.

Previously, Chito juggled two titles under his belt when he was unanimously voted as the 9th Commissioner of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) in 2015, and was also appointed as the league’s CEO less than a year later thanks to his staunch reputation to drive growth.

But before basketball, Chito’s passion has always stemmed from the world of banking and finance, having worked in banks across Asia, as well as in cities such as London, Chicago and New York as an expert in Treasury Services and Chief Trader of Foreign Exchange.

Chito brings with him a collaborative spirit and passion of sportsmanship, as well as an inspiring brand of leadership and creative innovations stemming from his experience as an executive. His appointment is a clear reflection of UCPB GEN’s trajectory towards a new era of providing financial security for the Filipino people. One that is steadfast, and one that has heart.