With over fifty years in the industry, it is unmistakable that UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc. has made a mark in the world of insurance. And there’s no point of slowing down. In fact, it’s the other way around. As part of our 53rd anniversary, UCPB GEN launched a faster and more efficient website. Best of all, it is mobile responsive.

Because we live in the digital age, the need to keep up with the demands of technology and the needs of digital consumers is intense. As a brand, we must cater to all these demands and needs. Furthermore, it’s not only attending to these concerns that are important. It is how to make the user experience easy and comfortable. In the insurance industry, it is all about the comfort and satisfaction of the clients.

With our new website, the improvements are centered on the experience of a visitor upon navigating through the website. Since a great chunk of people is now doing mobile browsing, reservations, and payments, UCPB GEN’s new website is now mobile-optimized. This means going over the website will entail no fuss, no matter what device you are using.

In our 53 years in the industry, we have learned that without our clients, we are nothing. That’s why we strive to give them the best and understand them better. This website says it all.

Because at UCPB GEN, everything starts with you.


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