ANILA, Philippines – The onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy in 2009 changed the lives of thousands of Filipinos in Metro Manila and Luzon as it claimed many lives and caused severe damage to properties. The impact of the damage to people was lessened with the help of insurance. One of the major companies which contributed to this undertaking is UCPB General Insurance Co., Inc. (UCPB GEN).
With over 50 years of experience in the non-life insurance industry, UCPB Gen has proven to be the brand to trust when it comes to the protection of clients’ valued assets. The company gives high regard to the service it provides to its clients and commits a superior hassle-free claims servicing.

“We always take action and do our best in providing the needs of our clients. The Ondoy calamity was one of the toughest incidents we faced then, but I am proud to say that UCPB GEN was able to handle it well. We hardly had any complaint, and it was a chance for us to show that we deliver on our promise,” said UCPB GEN president Isabelo Africa.

50 years of excellence

But more than the efficiency to act in times of need, UCPB Gen took on the extra step to ensure client confidence. It is one of the first non-life insurance companies given an ISO certification, warranting consumer trust and industry excellence.

It also launched game-changing programs for their clients that soon became the benchmark of non-life insurance services. Foremost of these programs is the “Gawa Agad” project, where UCPB Gen partnered with different motor shops that promoted immediate service.

Through the “Gawa Agad” project, clients only need to bring their cars to the accredited motor shops for repair, thus guaranteeing hassle-free service.

Another venture is Direct Link Car Insurance where customers are given the option to purchase non-life insurance coverage directly.

“What is very important for us is that our insureds can reach us easily. As much as possible, we create more channels for them,” said Mr. Africa.

These efforts are all geared towards nurturing the relationship between UCPB Gen and its insureds – resulting to satisfied customers and regular referrals.

“We always try to make our insureds understand the importance of our products and services. We are known for hassle-free transactions, and this makes it easier to communicate the notion of being safe than sorry. We know how significant one’s property and material things are, that these are all fruits of their years of hard work,” said Africa.

Responsible partner

Aside from being a top insurer, the past 50 years of UCPB Gen also showcased their strengths as an employer, and as a socially responsible company.

It continuously provides training opportunities to employees to further improve their technical capabilities, gives fair compensation, and encourages them to always do their best to their jobs and to be involved in all company-related activities.

As part of its social responsibility, the company also assists in supporting coconut farmers through provision of scholarship grants, livelihood programs, and cooperatives.

Expansion plans

This year, the company is gearing to expand to address more requirements in other parts of the country, and to be more globally competitive. More branches will open in other regions, and the company’s system and technology are being upgraded for added efficiency and increase in technical knowledge of the business.

“We are also beefing up our social media reach, and we are now in the process of developing our customer relations management team. We really want to be able to address our insureds’ claims, and deliver on all our promises. We also want our insureds to know that we can tailor-fit an insurance coverage according to their needs, and as much as possible, we aim to provide according to their specifications,” Africa further adds.

With their excellent track record, and hard-earned consumer trust, one’s peace-of- mind is not just a promise with UCPB Gen – it is guaranteed.