Have you ever wondered if you can obtain motor insurance that is both value-added and affordable? After all, having a comprehensive car insurance is a great thing to have while you’re on the road. The price, however, isn’t cheap, especially as you would need to renew your coverage every year. Thankfully,  the UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance is now being offered, a motor insurance package that would not only help you drive better and safer, but also save you money on insurance premiums in the long run. Does that sound like something you would use?

UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance provides comprehensive motor insurance coverage as well as a GPS device that tracks your driving score. The better your driving score, the better your chances will be to save money when you renew your motor insurance policy. In short, UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance promotes road safety while helping you save money when you purchase car insurance.

As soon as you avail of your UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance package, you will find the next steps easy to follow. Here is how it works— Once the VTEL-powered Blackbox device is installed in your vehicle, all you have to do is download the UCPB GEN Blackbox app on your mobile device, sign in, and you are ready to go.

While you’re behind the wheel, the app will analyze your driving score through its recorded data. The safer you drive, the higher your driving score will be. A higher driving score earns you a bigger discount on your next year’s policy—up to 20% off! Everybody benefits!

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you will really appreciate having UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance for your vehicle:

  • You won’t have to keep track of how you drive–the technology will do it for you. UCPB GEN Blackbox device can measure your car’s critical indicators including speed, acceleration, location, distance traveled, rapid acceleration or heavy braking, vehicle movements like curving or swerving, and even time of day.
  • If your car gets into an accident, you’ll immediately get notified. A crash sensor will alert you and your family in real time if your car is involved in an accident. If someone else is driving your car, you will be notified in case they get into an accident.
  • You’ll be covered with 24/7 roadside assistance. UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance makes sure you get assistance no matter what time of the day (or night) it is. In case your car needs repair (or recovery, in case of theft), you won’t have to wait long for the processing to start.

The Blackbox device can be installed in your vehicle by a VTEL representative, or you can do it yourself. Simply attach the device to the battery’s positive and negative anodes for power. It won’t drain your battery, nor will it alter any other system in your car. Also, installing the UCPB GEN Blackbox won’t void your car’s warranty. It’s waterproof and doesn’t need an antenna.

So are you ready for a car insurance that pushes you to be a safer driver, and then rewards you with lower premiums once you achieve your goal of driving better?

UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance is available directly through UCPB GEN Head Office. Visit here or call our hotline at (02) 830-6000 for inquiries.


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