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Name: Leonard Cuento

Age: 28 years old

Position: Operations Research Analyst

Hobby/Second Career: Plays bass and percussions for the band Pull the String

Short description of who you are:

My day job is as an Operations Research Analyst here. I also perform in the music indie scene occasionally but mostly on weekends. I'm a bass player and an alternate percussionist in our band, Pull the String.

What got you into indie music?

Me and my band always wanted to play our own music and the indie scene is a good avenue to do it. We were attending open mics, busking and opening for line-up gigs.

When did you start?

My highschool classmates, who are now my bandmates, were always jamming to 90's and slow rock songs ever since. I started performing in the music indie scene in 2017. I experienced playing in duo, trio and with different indie bands. We usually have gigs at coffee shops, bars and small public events. Some of the major venues we have performed at were Ali Mall, UP Town Center, Mall of Asia etc. We were also given the chance to play as front act for different mainstream bands such as 1017 and Join the Club. We have also been invited in radio guestings twice already.

What's has been the best part of your music career thus far?

The experience to create your own craft and share it to others is gold. Just last month, we released our first extended play (EP) in Spotify entitled Sinta. It has 4 of our original compositions that were about 2 years in the making.

What's the toughest part about being in a band?

It's always been hard to create music that touches the heart of the listeners. Every single lyric, note and arrangement should be meaningful.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in balancing your work and your passion?

Balancing my time is still the biggest challenge between my work and my passion. Both require time, but I always equate passion to happiness so I think it's worth it to keep going.

What is your advice to those in the corporate world who would also want to pursue a career in music?

There are so many awesome musicians, both well-known and under-the-radar, out there who also excels in the corporate world. Love your job as much as you love music. If you are passionate about music, just keep going because music is timeless.

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