Your car provides you with reliability, convenience, and comfort. It’s just natural that you would want the best care for it and we’ve rounded up some of the cutting edge and best 5 innovative car services that’ll help you make the most out of your vehicle. So if you have a chance, do give it the top services/accessories/insurance that’s available.

From purchasing to maintenance, to ensuring maximum safety for you and your car, these services use intelligent technology to give you the most future-forward and cost-efficient car ownership experience that you’ll enjoy for several years to come. Are you ready?

  1. Nissan Intelligent Mobility 

    Why you need this: It gives drivers the safety and convenience they need to be able to properly drive.

    The Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) technology, currently available in the X-Trail Crossover and Navara models, helps make driving a breeze. It controls four exterior cameras–one in front, one in the back, and one on each side mirror. With such placement of mirrors, drivers will have a complete view around their vehicle. Once these cameras–which are fitted with sensors–detect movement in front of or behind the vehicle, there will be audio and visual warnings for the driver.

    Such convenient technology makes sure that drivers are constantly aware of what is happening around their vehicle, effectively cutting down the risk of accidents.

  2. Hands-Free Driving by Ford Sync™

    Why you need this: Ford SYNC™’s voice-activated controls allow you to manage your dashboard, listen to music, make voice calls, and use Ford AppLink™ apps, so you can drive safely and efficiently.

    Thanks to the marriage of digital tech and sheer practicality, Ford SYNC™ now offers a range of hands-free and voice-activated dashboard systems that make driving easier than ever.

    Today, there are three systems available: SYNC™, SYNC™ with MyFord Touch™, and SYNC™ 3. With just a push of a button and a voice command, these let you make voice calls, listen to text messages, and control your music and entertainment system. You can also use specialized voice commands for your car’s climate control, road navigation, access to automatic software updates over Wi-Fi, and even use its Siri Eyes-Free feature. This way, you can stay on top of your busy itinerary while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

    Check the Ford Philippines website to see which corresponding SYNC™ system is fitted into your preferred model.

  3. Parking on Demand by Fetch Valet Service

    Why you need this: Finding a parking spot can be stressful! But with Fetch, you can save precious time and effort with professional valets.

    Fetch offers a creative solution to an age-old parking problem in Manila: locating a good parking spot in a high-traffic area, especially if you’re short on time. With their carefully vetted, trained, and monitored professional valets, Fetch ensures that your vehicle is parked safely, securely, and conveniently.

    You can choose from specialized services including valet parking, parking lot management, and even parking for special events for you and your guests. Not only are Fetch valets trained to finding secure parking spots, they can maximize parking spaces in your condominium or office parking lot. They’re also monitored via GPS to ensure that you can get prompt valet assistance, anytime, anywhere.

  4. Pulse Creative Innovations’ One-Day Home Detailing Service

    Why you need this: It will save you time and money (no more need to drive in traffic and spend on gas just to get to a detailing service center.

    Your work-life balance is extremely important especially in today’s faster-paced lifestyle. When your car needs its periodic detailing and maintenance, having it serviced at the auto shop may eat up a significant chunk of your precious time, time that you can spend relaxing, working, or with your friends and loved ones. This is where Pulse Creative Innovations comes (PCI) in.

    Leveling up car care services in the Philippines, Pulse Creative Innovations offers car owners one-day home-service car care. They offer several detailing packages tailored to your budget and vehicle model, plus individualized maintenance services. PCI’s team of professional detailers are trained to give car owners–particularly their vehicles–the highest level of care. The services cover all car models regardless of type or make.

  5. UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance

    Why you need this: UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance is the perfect combo of car insurance and innovative motoring technology that simultaneously helps you save money and keeps your vehicle up-to-date with a specialized GPS service.

    You take special care to select and purchase the perfect car for you, so it only follows that you and your car deserve the most reliable motor insurance in the market.

    UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance is the first VTEL-powered motor insurance product that offers a GPS/Telematics device in the Philippines. Not only does it provide motorists with motoring insurance coverage, it also equips a car owner’s vehicle with a monitoring system that helps people become better drivers.

    This unique system tracks your driving score based on your driving habits. The higher your score, the bigger your discount when you renew your policy. You can enjoy up to a 20-percent discount just by driving safely! It’s a car insurance package that’s life-saving on so many levels.

    UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance is available directly through UCPB GEN Head Office. Click here to know more about UCPB GEN Blackbox Insurance or call our hotline at (02) 830-6000.


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