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  • Condo Excel Protect Condo Excel Protect

Condo Excel Protect

Make your urban living more comfortable with Condo Excel Protect, a comprehensive residential condominium unit insurance package that lets you choose specific protection for your home.

It comes with a full-packed coverage and offers optional and flexible benefits to build your high-rise protection.

Basic Coverage

  • Condominium Unit
  • Condominium Unit Improvements

Basic coverage insures your condo unit against Fire and Lightning, Riot and Strike, Malicious Damage, Civil Commotion, Extended Coverage, Broad Water Damage, and Robbery and Burglary

Additional Properties

Get optional coverage for your other properties inside your humble abode:

  • Household Contents
    • Pays for loss or damage to the furniture, fixtures & fittings, clothing, computers, appliances, personal belongings, other household contents
  • Groceries and Foodstuff
    • Pays for loss or damage to groceries and foodstuff in refrigerator, freezer, or storage
  • Parking Slot
    • Pays for loss or damage to the Parking slot
  • Works of Art, Paintings and Antiques
    • Pays for loss or damage to the Works of Art, Paintings and Antiques within the condominium unit
  • Fixed Glass Accidental Damage
    • Pays for accidental loss or damage to glass forming part of the condominium unit

Additional Perils

Give added protection for your property against the following natural disasters:

  • Earthquake
  • Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado, Cyclone or other atmospheric disturbances
  • Flood, tsunami, or storm surge
  • Volcanic Eruption

Extensions of Cover

Build your own insurance protection. Choose your insurance needs from the following benefits and increase the coverage value up to three times.

  • Family Personal Accident
    • Pays for bodily injury, accidental death and other expenses related to the covered accident for family members
  • Emergency Expense, Alternative Accommodations and/or Rental Income
    • Pays for seeking, transferring to, returning from, & rent of, temporary alternative accommodations due to the condominium unit being rendered uninhabitable by any of the Insured Perils. If Insured is renting it out, pays for loss of Rental Income.
  • Special Loss Assessment
    • Pays for the Insured’s Share of the Special Loss Assessment levied on the Insured by Condominium Association made necessary by the direct loss to the Condominium Building Elements
  • Personal General Liability
    • Pays for liability to third parties for property damage or personal injury due to an accident
  • Home Assistance Services
    • 24/7 Call Assistance for emergency services assistance, home assistance referral services, & protection assistance including replacement and installation of damaged external door locks
  • Automatic Inclusion Clause
    • Covers automatically any additional property that are not specifically excluded, that are in the Condominium Unit
  • Debris Removal
    • Pays for costs and expenses to remove debris and clean up of premises after a covered loss or damage
  • Fire Fighting Expenses
    • Pays for actual expenses incurred in extinguishing fire or mitigating, containing, and suppressing loss or damage by any of the Insured Perils
  • Fire Brigade Charges
    • Pays for Fire Brigade Charges levied on the Insured
  • Professional Fees
    • Pays for the fees of architects & engineers in the reconstruction of the damaged property
  • Temporary Removal
    • Pays for loss or damage to the property insured whilst temporarily removed for the purpose of cleaning, renovating or repair to any other premises within the Philippines
  • Kasambahay Cover
    • Pays for loss or damage of the personal properties of the resident employees
    • Pays for bodily injury and accidental death

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