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Which type of traveler are you in your barkada?

Whether traveling alone or in a group, each person has a distinct personality that comes to life to secure a hassle-free trip to the other parts of the world. Go through the list below to find out which kind of traveler you are in your circle of friends: 1. The Super Organized Planner You’re definitely […]

Safety precautions when you leave your home empty

Finding the time to travel is something we can all use once in a while, whether it’s to visit relatives over the weekend or out-of-town excursions during extended holidays. Although the journey ahead is something we look forward to, there’s also a feeling of uneasiness knowing that we are about to leave our homes empty […]

Simple car mistakes that you might be overlooking

Being on top of your car’s scheduled oil change is not the only way to protect it. There are also other smaller issues that you need to look into because they might lead to untoward incidents in the future. Here’s a list of things you might be overlooking, which can prove costly if not addressed. […]

What to check around your house for the heavy rains

Since we live in a tropical country, rains are pretty much a part of our lives all year round. The sensible thing to do is to have an emergency plan for typhoons, and a big part of taking precaution is gearing up your home for the wet season. Here are a few things you should […]

Keep this emergency kit at home for the rainy season

An emergency kit is something you should always have at home—a collection of emergency supplies that will help you get through a typhoon and keep you safe as you wait for the heavy rains and flood to subside. If you haven’t made one yet, or the one you have is incomplete, no need to panic. […]

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