UCPB GEN partnered with Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) to adopt a Philippine Eagle under the foundation’s “Adopt an Eagle” program. Its primary aim is to support the research, rescue, education and other initiatives to save and protect the Philippine Eagles, a critically endangered species.

The adoption process began in November 2015 when UCPB GEN committed to donate PHP 125,000 annually to support the food and veterinary care of the adopted eagle for the next five years.

“Our business is about protection and conservation, so I think this initiative is just an extension of what we are actually doing in terms of the business. And this is a move forward, not only for the protection and conservation of assets, but also species. We hope that by doing this, we can spread the word and help in the conservation of a very important heritage of the Filipino people. This is part of our culture and we really want to help out,” UCPB GEN President Isabelo P. Africa stated.

“We are glad that UCPB GEN, like its business, saw the strategic importance of saving resources or saving the natural capital for the benefit of future generations,” said PEF Executive Director Dennis Salvador.

UCPB GEN and PEF formally launched their partnership during the ceremonial turnover of Magilas, held at the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City last March 15.

Executives and employees from UCPB GEN Head Office and Visayas and Mindanao Branches, lead by the President Africa, graced the turnover ceremony together with UCPB and Cocolife Davao Branch Officers.

In addition, select business partners and policyholders who won the “Magilas Meet-and-Greet Contest” became part of the momentous event. The contest was open to all UCPB GEN brokers, agents and policyholders nationwide. Contestants must share the Magilas post from any one of UCPB GEN’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Seven (7) winners were drawn via online raffle and received an all-expense paid trip to Davao during Araw ng Dabaw Festival last March 14 to 17, 2016.

Magilas is a 13-year-old male captive-bred eagle who was introduced to his pair last year for reproduction. Through UCPB GEN’s support, PEF is working on the success of this pairing towards producing a fertile egg. He and his pair play a crucial role in PEF’s conservation breeding initiatives.

UCPB GEN is committed to continue strengthening partnership not only with PEF, but with other institutions that promote similar advocacies.


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