Widening the scope of its service to the community, UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc. (UCPB GEN) committed to help preserve the country’s biological diversity through collaborating with Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF).

UCPB GEN partnered with PEF to adopt a Philippine Eagle, whose species is now critically endangered, under the foundation’s “Adopt an Eagle” program which primarily aims to support the research, rescue, and other initiatives to save and protect the species.

As a standard process in adoption, the company has the right to choose which eagle to adopt. UCPB GEN picked a 12-year old male captive-bred and named him ‘Magilas.’

The name ‘Magilas’ was selected among many entries for the “#ALDab (AgiLa ng Dabaw): Name the UCPB GEN Philippine Eagle” contest which was opened to all company employees.

‘Magilas’ means agile, representing the company’s active environment. In comparison, eagles are quick, easy to respond, protective, and visionary, reflecting the values of UCPB GEN.

The ceremonial turnover will happen on March 16, 2016, concurrent with the celebration of Araw ng Dabaw Festival, at the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao.

For more information about the Philippine Eagle Foundation, you may visit their website at www.philippineeaglefoundation.org

Photo Caption: #LipadUCPBGEN. ‘Magilas is now part of the UCPB GEN family.” Photo sourced from www.philippineeaglefoundation.org