UCPB GEN Employees Fulfill Wishes of 120 kids

       DURING the holiday season, more than 200 officers and employees of the UCPB General Insurance Co., Inc. (UCPB GEN) led by President Isabelo Africa played “superheroes” to 120 children from three child-welfare institutions via a  Christmas party capped by a gift-giving ceremony.  It served as one of the prelude activities in time for the company’s 50th golden anniversary this month.         

      Held at the Big Barn in the Fun Ranchcomplex in Teindesitas, UCPB GEN employees played ninong and ninang to the children from BCDA and Romagat-Taguig City, Silong-Tanglaw Foundation and the Virlanie Foundation in a fun-filled kid’s party with a backdrop of the North Pole, with games, a magic show, delicious food, fantastic presentations and agift-giving ceremony where kids received the things they wished for.

         Early last year, the UCPB GEN employees initiated a fund-raising campaign called “Project 12-12-12” that would have each employee contribute 12 pesos for the first 12 days of the 12 months. The kids were asked to write letters to Santa Claus, where they got the chance to wish for things they would like to have this Christmas. These letters were turned over to UCPB Gen. Some of the kids got gifts on top of the common gift pack which included a T-shirt, pair of shoes, art materials and a bag of groceries for each child.

         The letters touched many of the officers and employees that some of them even ended up donating more so that they could give gifts to more kids.

       The holidays was also a perfect time to show case the talents of the UCPB GEN employees as they gave their all in the Neophytes Dancing and the Dream Teams Got Talent competitions, garbed in their best Superhero costumes.

         “Our Christmas party only showed what our tagline is all about- it has to start from us to make others fell happy is what drives us to help people, even as we are about to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We at UCPB GEN hope to bring our character of giving care and service from the heart not only to our clients but also to these kids but to a generation of Filipinos as well,” said Africa.

Source: Business Mirror, January16, 2013

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